Nu Beginnings management team will comprise a team of full spectrum competent professionals. These include professionals with the right blend of experience to meet the incapacitated at risk foster emancipating young adults needs. This comprise of: 

  •   Daily operational and administrative staff
  •   Case Management
  •  Mentors, counselors and educators
  • Therapists,  house managers, nursing staff as needed, house keeping staff etc.

This management team is being selected and led in forefront by the following team of professionals.

  •  Founder and President - Our President of Operations is the founder of this foster care noble project called Nu Beginnings. It began with her heartfelt desire for helping the unfortunate children in the society making a positive change leading to success in their lives to help them grow as responsible citizens. For this there is already an existing foster care home established in the community. But she felt a need to research out the right strategies to provide the emancipating youth a long term benefit plan carving a niche in their future. Nu Beginnings was the seed idea for implementing the same.  A proper structured foster care plan made towards their basic, educational, emotional and mental health care needs, along with long term support plan was implemented and made operationally successful in these coming years by her.  Prior to laying  the foundational stone of Nu Beginnings she has worked with U.S. Govt., a Fortune 500 Aerospace Company for more than a decade in the areas of managing operations. She also has competence in successfully delivering results in setting up and managing a licensed Small Family Foster Care Home. In this direction she has established a reputation with Psychologist, Therapist, Wrap Around Teams, County Social Workers and Supervisor County Social Workers. The future phase apart from this ongoing pilot program of Nu Beginnings which comprises of duplicating this family foster care project and restructuring it with innovative ideas will be led under her adept management.

  • Information Technology (IT) and Operations Coordinator (OC) -  With 20 plus years of experience working with Fortune 500 IT Companies and IT Departments of Top Organizations,  Our OC is involved in our daily IT operations. He has spent his last 7 years in research study in the areas of non profits, health care, mental health, low in come - community population rehabilitation, substance abuse recovery, and case management.  Our OC also provides assistance to our President in planning and managing Nu Beginning strategies,  daily administration operations management, and fundraising strategies.

  • Operations Manager (OM) - Has 25 years experience as a License Care Provider for at risk youth, Residential Supervisor, Counselor, Tutor (for youth placed in Group Homes), Los Angeles Probation Department, Los Angeles County Social Service Department, Challenger Youth Memorial Center,  and Administration Training Certification.  Our OM has been responsible for overseeing staff and juvenile youth for maintaining their program mandate by the court system, and educating youth for the purpose of reuniting them into society as responsible citizens.  Our Operations Manager will be managing daily operations of our independent living foster care homes and will be reporting directly to our President.

Our Management Team